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In 2010, Kelly Shiley gave birth to her third child. A few months later, she was diagnosed with severe post-partum depression. As part of her recovery plan, Kelly created inspirational decals to help her stay focused on Scripture and keep her in a positive mind-set. As local interest in her products grew, Kelly found that she had a passion for making products that inspired others. She hired a designer and recruited her husband to help with manufacturing and shipping. As her garage filled up with product and orders started rolling in, Kelly blossomed as a mother and businesswoman.

Six months after she made her first product, Kelly landed a large order with a national account chain. This order allowed her to grow the business and expand the product line. In July 2011, “ScriptureArt” officially made it's debut at Americasmart in Atlanta. Kelly's ability to solve problems, listen to retailers, and focus on a specialized segment of the gift industry propelled the company forward quickly.

During the following two years, God brought key people into Kelly's life to help her grow the company. In 2012, Crystal Righton, who lived in Texas and had never even met Kelly in person, quit her six figure job and joined ScriptureArt as COO. As the product expanded, the warehouse was officially moved to Texas where Crystal could oversee the operations.

In January 2015, Kelly and Crystal rebranded the company and Mary Square was born. This rebranding allowed the company to continue to make inspirational gifts but also to add additional product lines such as apparel and personalized gifts. The name Mary Square was inspired by the grandmothers of both Kelly and Crystal. They are loving, wise, and strong women who both share the name “Mary”.

Mary Square's mantra, “more than a gift” reflects the core foundation of a company that is focused on making a lasting impact on both it's customers and people world wide. Mary Square's emergence as a lifestyle brand with a reputation for high-quality, on trend, functional product continues to raise the standard in the wholesale gift industry. With with record setting sales growth, Mary Square embraces the next chapter in this journey!

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